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When you go to a government organisation in person, in most cases you will have to prove your identity using your ID card, passport or driving licence. But how can you identify yourself online? The Dutch government has a solution for this: a digital authentication method called DigiD.

How it works

To access local and national government services online, you can prove your identity by logging in with your DigiD (pronounced: ‘deechee day’). Your DigiD login lets government organizations know that it really is you.

If you need an abstract from the Municipal Personal Records Database through your local council’s website, you will automatically be redirected from the local council’s website to the DigiD login page. Enter your DigiD username and password in the appropriate fields on this page. You will then automatically be redirected to the local council’s website, where you can request the abstract.

About DigiD

Your DigiD consists of a username and a password of your choice. Your DigiD gives you access to hundreds of Dutch government websites. If you have a Dutch mobile telephone number, it is recommended to apply for your DigiD with an extra verification step via SMS. You can then also log into websites that require this additional verification.

How do I apply for DigiD?

Through the DigiD website. The application process involves a number of steps: * Fill in your details and choose your username and password. You will need your Dutch mobile telephone number and your Citizen Service Number (Dutch: burgerservicenummer or BSN). Please note: you cannot request a DigiD until you have received a Citizen Service Number
* You will receive an activation code within 5 days by post; it will be sent to the Dutch address you entered when you requested the DigiD
* You can activate your DigiD by entering the activation code, accompanied by the username and password you chose when you requested the DigiD.