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Education & childcare

Rotterdam is a youthful and multicultural city with inhabitants from more than 170 countries, making it a vibrant and dynamic place to live and work. The city and its inhabitants have a ‘Make It Happen’ attitude, which is reflected in its business and educational climate. Rotterdam is home to several high quality international schools and universities, providing world-class education to children, students and young professionals and making the city a preferred choice for international expats.

Top education for all ages

Going to school and studying should be more than just learning. One’s school and student years are very formative. Covering a period when identities are formed, knowledge and experience are gained and ambitions are set. Basically, it is the time of one’s life. Rotterdam is the city par excellence for that! Rotterdam caters to the educational needs of international families with children of all ages. Whether your children are only just starting out in primary school, or are already approaching their university or vocational education; Rotterdam has the right schools for all ages and needs.