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Planning to stay in Rotterdam or Schiedam for more than four months? Then you have to register as soon as you arrive (registration is only possible with an address in Rotterdam or Schiedam). Please check here what documents are necessary for the registration appointment.

At the Rotterdam Expat Centre you can book a combined appointment to register your long-term BSN with the municipality and/or collect your residence permit and/or to provide your biometrical information at the IND.

The one stop shop is only available for:

  • Highly skilled migrants (more info)
  • Intra Corporate Transferees(ICT) (more info)
  • Scientific researchers (more info)
  • Recent graduates (Orientation year students) (more info)
  • Entrepreneurs (more info)
  • All EU citizens that receive the 30% ruling
  • Family members of those that fall under any of the previously mentioned categories (more info)

Please note that international students should make their appointment at their respective campus or at city hall.

Please be aware
It is not possible to make an appointment at the Rotterdam Expat Centre to register as a non-resident (RNI), change your address, or hand in additional documents (birth certificate, marriage licence etc.).  For this you will need to schedule an appointment with the municipality of Rotterdam by calling: +31 (0)10-2671625.

Registration Schiedam
If you wish to register for the municipality of Schiedam at Rotterdam Expact Centre, you have to book an appointment with us on a Monday afternoon. To do so, please contact us at In order to process your registration, we need some information beforehand. Please fill out this form. Without this information we won’t be able to start your registration procedure.

The municipalities of Capelle aan den IJssel and Vlaardingen are NOT part of Rotterdam, it’s not possible to register for those municipalities at Rotterdam Expat Centre.

Please use these buttons to schedule your appointment(s). We are currently facing substantial waiting times, the dates shown online are the earliest available times. We cannot schedule appointments via email or over the phone. The buttons can’t be used for procedures relating to registration/living in Schiedam (please read the section “Registration Schiedam”).

More info
If you need more information, please check our webpage about long term municipal registration.