Rotterdam Expat Centre is now Rotterdam International Center. We have moved into a new office in the Groot Handelsgebouw read more

Rotterdam is a dynamic metropolis, internationally acclaimed as the gateway to Europe. Our port is the central hub of Europe’s largest maritime cluster, but we are also a key player on a global scale in other strong economic sectors. Thanks to our many internationally renowned knowledge institutions, a thriving international business community, high-quality culture and architecture, a rich leisure offering, and a highly diverse population, Rotterdam is the total package.

How can Rotterdam International Center (formerly Rotterdam Expat Centre) help you?

One of the many challenges that come with setting up or growing a business in a foreign country is finding, recruiting and retaining the right employees. Rotterdam International Center is the one stop shop that provides relevant knowledge and services that will help you connect with the talents you need, deal with the procedures for hiring them and help to have them settled in Rotterdam. We offer a red carpet treatment to recognized sponsor companies and their international employees.

Invest and Innovate

Rotterdam Partners: official Foreign Direct Investment Agency

Thinking about setting up a business or expanding your business in Rotterdam? In Rotterdam, you will find the expertise, experience, and skills you need to make it happen. Rotterdam Partners International Trade & Investment team will support you and make life easier for you. We are here to help you during the various steps of the process. And we will do so free of charge, independently, and objectively, as well as efficiently and without wasting your time.Are you curious about all our services? Please visit Rotterdam Partner’s overview page.