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Welcome to Rotterdam, the gateway to Europe. International city with a distinct character, energetic, always in motion, eyes on the future. Dynamic port city, where a vibrant mix of more than 170 nationalities and many cultures, subcultures and communities make for a diverse, inclusive and open urban culture. It’s no wonder that more and more international companies and expats settle and build their future in Rotterdam.

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Speaking of families, Rotterdam has several highly regarded international schools for primary and secondary education and world class institutes for higher level education, including: Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus Medical Centre and the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (where in general education is offered in English). Because of the rapid growth of Rotterdam’s international business community and innovation ecosystem, education and talent development are key concerns for the city. Municipality, businesses, research and knowledge institutes all actively work together to provide special programs and hubs where people can develop and deploy their talents.

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