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An Exciting New Chapter for Rotterdam

Recently, the American International School of Rotterdam became a member of Nord Anglia Education, the world’s leading international schools organisation. This has opened up a whole range of new opportunities for the students.

The school’s history is already rich: founded over 60 years ago in response to the demand for high-quality international education in the city, the American International School of Rotterdam (AISR) has long been preparing students for entrance to the world’s top universities. Last year, the school’s most exciting chapter yet was announced, and now, as part of Nord Anglia Education, they have a new name – Nord Anglia International School Rotterdam (NAISR) – and momentum is building towards a very bright future.

As Mr Neal Dilk, Director of the school for the past seven years, commented, ‘Joining the Nord Anglia family in 2018 was a momentous occasion for us. Our ambition is to seize this wonderful opportunity by pairing our school’s already excellent educational offering with Nord Anglia’s unique curriculum enhancements, while also keeping the warm and welcoming community that our school is known for.’

NAISR is now offering Nord Anglia’s STEAM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics), co-developed with the world-leading Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Through practical, hands-on problem solving, NAISR students will develop transferable skills such as creativity, curiosity, resilience, resourcefulness, collaboration and confidence that will help them pave the way to a wide open future.

Since joining Nord Anglia, one of the school’s first areas of focus was on refurbishment, with significant improvements to facilities already completed during the summer of 2019, including a brand new playground, a renovated gym, and a STEAM innovation lab.

As Mr Dilk says, ‘New facilities are fantastic, and our families are delighted about these. However, the truly unique opportunity with Nord Anglia Education is in the learning opportunities it provides. Our students are now instantly linked via the Nord Anglia Global Campus to over 64,000 other students around the world, to collaborate, exchange and learn together. Additionally, our teachers now have access to Nord Anglia University, a digital platform which they can use to access Nord Anglia’s own online courses for their professional development.’

NAISR staff are thrilled to be a part of the Nord Anglia family, and commented that they are excited to bring the quality education that Nord Anglia is known for to the Rotterdam area.

Feel free to book a tour of the school and learn about NAISR’s changes first-hand.

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Director of Admissions & Marketing
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About Nord Anglia Education

Nord Anglia Education is the world’s leading premium schools organisation, with campuses located across dozens of countries in the Americas, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East. Together, our schools educate tens of thousands of students from kindergarten through to the end of secondary school. We are driven by one unifying philosophy: we are ambitious for our schools, students, teachers, staff and communities, and we inspire every child who attends a Nord Anglia Education school to achieve more than they ever imagined possible.

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Founded in 1972 in the United Kingdom, the name Nord Anglia reflects the company’s beginnings in the north of England. We initially offered learning services such as English-as-a-foreign-language classes and grew during the 1980s by opening full-scale nurseries and kindergartens. In 1992, NAE opened its first international school, the British School of Warsaw. In the 2000s, the company began a strategic focus on premium international schools, with rapid growth in Asia, the Americas, China and across Europe and the Middle East. A truly international organisation, NAE now operates premium international schools worldwide. In July 2019, the company relocated its headquarters from Hong Kong to London, enabling even stronger growth in the future.

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