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Changing address

Read below what forms you need to fill in and how to register your move.


If you are moving within, or to, Rotterdam, you need to register your new address with the municipality within five days of moving. This rule applies for all types of moves, including a new rental or your own property.

You have two options to register your move:

1. You can register your move online if you have a Digid (digital authentication method).
On the website, click on ‘Inloggen met DigiD’. Here you can change the language settings on the topleft section and then follow the steps.

2. You can register your move by printing out the form ‘report change of address’ and sending the filled in forms and the required passport copies to:
Gemeente Rotterdam
P.O. Box 70013
3000 KR Rotterdam

If this is not possible within five days after you move, send the requested forms via post or complete them online to be on time, since you may receive a fine if you are late.

When you register your new address, you can also arrange to take along your parking permit, if applicable.

Required documents

If you move to a residence, but are not the owner of the property, you have to fill in and upload a form to prove you actually have a right to live there. Several options are explained below:

Independent rental contract (house/room)

If you plan to rent a house on your own: You will need a passport copy and a signed rental contract or this form, filled in and signed by your landlord. The contract or the rental statement shouldn’t be older than 3 months or have dates in the future. The contract must be in your name.

Living with the main occupant in a rental house

If you are going to stay with someone: You will need a declaration by main occupant which has been completed and signed by the person giving permission for you to register at his/her address. The completed, signed form must be accompanied by a copy of his/her passport or ID and a copy of the tenancy agreement (verhuurdersverklaring). If the person giving consent for you to live in their house does not live at the same address, then you also need to prove that they own the residence. (If the registered occupant is married, you only need to provide a signed statement by the main occupant.)

Living with a home owner

If you are going to stay with someone who owns the house: You will need a declaration by main occupant (this signed statement cannot be dated more than eight weeks ago) accompanied by a photocopy of the passport of the person you’re going to live with and a photocopy of your passport.

My living situation: You need these documents:
I rent an apartment/house Rental contract or a tenancy agreement
I’m living with a tenant who is the main occupant Form declaration by main occupant and a copy of his/her ID

Tenancy agreement signed by the owner

I’m living with the owner Form declaration by main occupant and a copy of his/her ID

Leaving Rotterdam

If you are relocating within the Netherlands, you must register in the new municipality within five days after moving from Rotterdam. Once you have registered in the new municipality, you will automatically be de-registered by the municipality of Rotterdam.


Registering your new address is free.