Rotterdam Expat Centre is now Rotterdam International Center. We have moved into a new office in the Groot Handelsgebouw read more

The Rotterdam International Center has now officially introduced its fees structure

As announced on June 6th 2023, fees will be charged for making use of the One-Stop-Shop service starting August 1st 2023. You can review the news article regarding this introduction on our latest news page

You can schedule an appointment via our new booking tool on our appointment page. Please note that the old calendar for scheduling separate free-of-charge IND appointments in July is still live until it is fully booked. Once the calendar is full, it will be removed for a clearer overview. From then on, all IND appointments will need to be made via the regular calendar which includes the payment of fees.

If you fall under one of the exemption categories, you can contact the front desk to schedule an appointment.

Please read through our FAQ section if you have any questions. If your question is not listed or is otherwise not answered, you can send an email to