Rates Rotterdam Expat Centre


Starting August 1st 2023, we will start charging a fee, in order to ensure the quality and continuity of the Rotterdam Expat Centre’s services.

Value of our services

The Rotterdam Expat Centre facilitates a one-stop-shop. We offer your international employees a warm welcome to the city, and we contribute to creating an optimal business climate. If you use our services, you will benefit from the following:

  • Advisory services for businesses and expats
  • Connections with local service providers
  • Immediate issuing of a BSN and residence permit during an appointment
  • Exclusive IND presence in Rotterdam
  • Issuing of a residence endorsement sticker
  • Organising events relevant for new (inter)national employees/companies
  • After registering in the BRP and collecting the residence permit, you have the option of opening
  • A personal bank account via the Expat Centre
  • Welcome events for expats in the Rotterdam Region

Free alternatives

We would like to point out the free alternatives that you can use:

  • Registration in the BRP via Municipality of Rotterdam www.rotterdam.nl/en
  • Registration in the BRP via Municipality of Schiedam www.schiedam.nl
  • Collection of the residence permit from www.ind.nl (outside the Rotterdam region)
  • Providing biometrics www.ind.nl (outside the Rotterdam region)
  • Residence endorsement sticker www.ind.nl (outside the Rotterdam region)


Here you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding this policy change. We request you to read this thoroughly before contacting the Expat Centre.


Last updated 21-7-2023