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Rotterdam is a melting pot of cultures, where more than 170 different cultures live peacefully side by side, religious and non-religious alike. This open-minded city gives you lots of space and possibilities to pursue your beliefs and practice your own faith.

  • Christian

There are a few churches that have an English service, and there are many communities that have their own service. There are also Catholic, Old Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Protestant and Greek Orthodox services available in the city.

  • Catholic

A list of all the Catholic churches in Rotterdam is available here. The individual websites for each Catholic church state their opening hours and specify whether Mass is in Dutch, Latin or English.

  • Protestant

There are a wide range of Protestant churches in Rotterdam, but a number of community churches specifically cater to expats. You can find all migrant community churches and their contact details at this website. Under ‘Denominatie’, check the box which states ‘migrantenkerken’. Enter Rotterdam in the search field, and you will find 36 different churches for international worshipers.

  • Orthodox

Rotterdam has three main Orthodox church communities:

  1. The Russian Orthodox Church dedicated to the Holy and Right-Believing Prince Alexander Nevsky
  2. The Serbian Orthodox church of the Holy Trinity
  3. The Greek Orthodox church dedicated to St Nicholas
  • Muslim

There are many different mosques throughout the city. The Essalam Mosque in Rotterdam South is one of the biggest in Western Europe and comprises a prayer hall for 1,500 people and various multi­functional spaces for administration, education, cultural events and social activities. There are around 30 mosques in Rotterdam and Schiedam, divided into Turkish, Moroccan, Indonesian, Surinamese and other communities. You can find your mosque on this map (please note the legend under the map).

  • Hinduism

There are a few Hindu communities in Rotterdam, and a larger number is found in The Hague, which is situated close by. There is no central website available to find a Hindu Mandir. We advise you to contact Sai Mandir to find a service that suits your preferences.