Ukraine: find the latest information regarding the ongoing situation and emergency traveling to the Netherlands

Where can I meet new people?

On websites like Internations and MeetUp, you can easily find other people that share your interests or background. Meetup also includes a page for the Expat Republic Rotterdam, one of the expat communities in Rotterdam. Furthermore, several organisations host events for expats on a regular basis. Venture Café for example, organises events every Thursday evening with the goal of connecting the local and global innovation community.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the Rotterdam Expat Centre has also started an initiative in cooperation with Venture Café called the Expat Café, hosted every last Thursday of the month. The Expat Café is an online event in which you can both meet expats like yourself, as well as learn important information about moving to and living in the Netherlands. Topics such as health insurance, taxes and Dutch culture in general will all be discussed by experts and established expats. Come join our next session! More information regarding this month’s topic and host can be found on our Events page.

Find a list with more communities and activities here.