Social Clubs

You may also be interested in exploring social activities beyond faith-based communities and sport clubs. Many of the social activities on offer in Rotterdam have websites and social media accounts; search for your interest online, and you’re likely to find opportunities easily. 

On websites like Internations and MeetUp, you can easily find other people that share your interests or background. Meetup also includes a page for the Expat Republic Rotterdam , one of the expat communities in Rotterdam. They organise drinks and other informal gatherings. It is also a great way to network.  

Rotterdam also has a great family-oriented expat community, structured by organisations like Intouch  or ACCESS. Both are set up and run by expat mums and their families and organise various events where you can bring your kids.  

There also are various communities specifically for women, such as the International Women's Networking Group Rotterdam (IWNG) and Mulher360 - Brazilian Women Community. Both of these communities want to bring women together to strengthen both your social and professional network.

If you are looking for specific expat communities, here are a few suggestions, although the city has many more: 

There are several organisations that host events for expats on a regular basis. Venture Café for example, organises events every Thursday evening with the goal of connecting the local and global innovation community. Please click here to learn more about the exact themes. Some other suggestions are included in the list below: