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Paid parking is being introduced in more and more areas of Rotterdam. This is arranged by registering your license plate number. The following explains how to register your car, or pay at the vending machine, as well as how your guest at home can make use of cheaper parking. 

Since parking in Rotterdam is arranged by registering your license plate, you don’t have to show a note under your windshield. You just fill in your license plate at the meter, via an app or on your permanent parking permit. Simply by checking the number plate, officials can see whether or not your parking is valid.

Parking permits 

If you own a car and you are a registered resident of Rotterdam, you can obtain a parking permit for your area. For € 8,20 per month, you can register your car at the municipality. (the page is only available in Dutch, but on the top right you can translate the page to English)

You can only get a parking permit for the area you live in, which is divided into ‘sectors’. Your sector will be explained when you receive your permit. Once your request is granted, you will receive a unique number and password to log in on the special parking permit website (only in Dutch). The parking description is arranged via your license plate only; you will not receive a special card to display in your car.

Visitors parking in your area 

If you occasionally expect visitors by car, you can let them park in your area for a discounted price. If you want to arrange this service, you will need to request a visitors parking permit (bezoekersparkeren). Once your request is granted, you will receive a unique number and password to log in on the special parking permit website (only in Dutch). When you have a visitor, you will need to fill in the license plate of your guests’ vehicle on this website . The money will be debited quarterly from your bank account. You don’t pay a monthly fee for this service, only for the actual units used.

You will receive 3,000 units per calendar year. This is equivalent to 500 hours. One unit is equivalent to 10 minutes. Per 10 minutes you pay €0.11.

Parking without a permit

Parking at P+R area
The cheapest and easiest way to park is in a Park+Ride area on the outskirts of the city. These parking lots allow you to take advantage of cheap parking. All P+R areas have direct links to the city centre by public transport. You can be there within 20 minutes, without any parking problems.

Addresses for P+R areas

Parking in a multi-storey car park
You can also choose to park in one of Rotterdam’s many multi-storey car parks. Parking in a multi-storey car park is often cheaper than parking on the street. The parking indicators direct you to the nearest free parking place in a multi-storey car park. In most multi-storey car parks, you can pay in several ways: in cash or by debit card or credit card.

Public car parks

Street parking
If you park your car on the street, parking charges apply to the whole inner city, as well as other busy places. Tariffs and the times at which charges apply are stated on all ticket machines. It is not possible to use coins in Rotterdam’s on-street parking meters. Payment can only be made by debit card or credit card.

Parking in Schiedam
Parking arrangements and facilities in Schiedam may differ from those in Rotterdam. Information in Dutch is available via this website. If you are looking for more specific information, please check local sources or contact the Rotterdam International Center (formerly Rotterdam Expat Centre).