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Entrepreneurs in Rotterdam


If you’ve decided to start your own business, you will soon discover there is a whole new world to explore, especially in Rotterdam. With many community offices, interesting commercial branches, a growing creative sector and a nice working culture, Rotterdam offers you a great work environment to pioneer in business life. 

Rotterdam is an attractive city for doing business according to several international studies and rankings. The KPMG Competitive Alternatives 2016 Ranking for major global cities puts Rotterdam in 7th place, while the Netherlands occupies 3rd spot in the country ranking.

If you are planning to locate or expand in Rotterdam, it is advisable to contact Rotterdam Partners. This institution is your official one-stop shop for everything you need to facilitate your investment decision. Rotterdam Partners strengthens the ties between the city and businesses based in Rotterdam. Their aim is to better serve Rotterdam’s needs and do what they can to help ensure that businesses remain here and possibly even expand. And even after you have settled in, Rotterdam Partners will be there for you, helping out in any way they can.

Strong sectors

Rotterdam is continually looking for new and innovative ways to help business grow, and includes several very strong sectors.

Other business

Steadily increasing in popularity, a large creative sector has been flourishing in addition to the sectors listed above. Entrepreneurs like architects, clothing designers and web designers have made their way to Rotterdam. They have set up a lively new scene, which is perfectly complementary to the traditional Rotterdam atmosphere.

The office market is very well connected to these sectors; for relatively low prices, you can rent a desk in a creative community building, or move up the scale to offices in impressive skyscrapers. There are many, many options to establish your business. Contact Rotterdam Partners for more information.