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Questions about Brexit and your residence? Take part in our virtual drop in!
The UK Embassy is hosting a virtual drop-in session. They will answer as many of your questions as possible and try to sign post you to reliable information sources. The session will remain open until 18:00 Friday 26th March. You can take party by:
  • Emailing us your question at, including ‘Virtual drop-in session’ in the subject line.
  • Accessing on-line support via ? (you will be automatically directed to online information. If you are still not clear, you can access an online enquiry form through this link and you will be assured a response).
If you were legally living in the Netherlands on or before 31 December 2020, you may continue to live, work and study in the Netherlands, but you must take action to secure your rights by applying for residency by 30 June.
If you have already applied for residency or the IND has offered to exchange your EU residency document as it is no longer valid, you must provide your biometric details to obtain your new Article 50 card. If you have applied, been given a decision, or been offered an exchange, but not yet provided your biometric details, book and attend an appointment as soon as possible.
Securing your rights to continued residency in the Netherlands is extremely important. If you need help with your residency application, check:…/i-am-a-british-citizen…, or ring the IND’s helpline on 088 04 30410 (Monday – Friday from 09.00 – 17.00). Information is also available on our Living in the Netherlands Guide at