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Registration for Schiedam possible at Rotterdam International Center as of 7 March 2022



If you are coming to the Rotterdam region and if you’re planning to live in the municipality of Schiedam, you will have to register as resident of that municipality. As of 7 March you can do this at Rotterdam International Center (formerly Rotterdam Expat Centre)!

For this registration procedure, you have to book an appointment at Rotterdam International Center on a Monday afternoon. To make this appointment, please contact us at In order to process your registration, we need some information beforehand. Please fill out this form. Without this information we won’t be able to start your registration procedure.

We hope to meet you (and your family) soon. We already warmly welcome you to the greater Rotterdam region and hope you will enjoy your stay in Schiedam!

  • Please note: the registration buttons on this page can only be used for registration in Rotterdam. For registration In Schiedam, please follow the steps as described above.\