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A league table of IB diploma schools in the world has recently been published. Nord Anglia International School Rotterdam (NAISR) has been ranked in the top 3 schools for IB results in the Netherlands and in the top 70 for Europe.

Niki Meehan, Director at NAISR said  “We are very proud of the achievements of our graduating class of 2020 who achieved an excellent 33.1 point average IB Diploma score. Their success was the culmination of the continued hard work and positivity demonstrated by our students who were supported throughout their learning journey by our skilled and inspirational teachers and support staff. Here at NAISR we do not select students by academic ability so this independent ranking is great news and further recognition that NAISR provides a fantastic educational experience for all students, enabling them to flourish and gain places at some of the most prestigious universities in the world”

This independent ranking of IB schools was compiled by Education Advisers Ltd, an education consultancy which operates seven separate websites concerning international education world-wide. is their specialist site about International Baccalaureate schools, and aims to provide clear information, advice and services to parents and students seeking a private education. To see NAISR’s postion within the league table, click here.

Danielle Mashon, IB Coordinator at NAISR said “We are beyond proud of our May 2020 students’ achievement. With over 5000 IBDP candidates in The Netherlands, to rank so highly is a testament to the grit and passion of our students, the dedication of our exceptional teaching staff and our whole school commitment to high quality learning. To endure such a challenging year and come through with such impressive results, we know students from NAISR really are prepared to help create ‘a better and more peaceful world’”.

The IB programme is designed for highly motivated 11th and 12th grade students who wish to challenge themselves to a greater degree and become more involved with the community.  For more information about our IBDP programme, please feel free to visit our school’s website here.