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Since its inception (in 1957), the Van Veldhuizen Foundation has stood for a fair chance for all children to grow up in a healthy and safe environment. It is precisely where load and carrying capacity are out of balance that this fair chance is not always present. That is what the foundation is committed to, that is our higher goal.



Twinkeltje opvoedondersteuning is a place where parents can seek guidance on their child’s education. Our goal is to help parents’ abilities in raising their children. Questions about parenting are completely normal; everyone experiences doubts about parenting! Together with other parents we search for answers.

We offer a low-threshold range of courses and trainings to strengthen parents’ parenting skills.
The courses are designed for all parents with children aged 0-18  who may need some help.
You can participate in these courses online or in-person. Best of all, all the courses are provided free of charge for residents of Rotterdam!

On the website, you’ll find information about the course Toddler Time. We introduce this program in English especially for international parents with children who are 0 – 2 years. It is on location, allowing you to meet and share experiences with other parents.

For who?
(International) Parents with children aged 0 to 2 years

Start Tuesday September 10th 2024 at 09.30 – 11:00 uur

De Buurvrouw
Larikslaan 200, 3053 LG Rotterdam

How often?
10 meetings over the course of 10 weeks

Nothing! Participation is free for residents of Rotterdam.

How can I sign in?
Vvstwinkeltje – Aanmeldformulier (

For more information: Twinkeltje Parenting Support Telephone: (010) 411 50 43