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Hamrah has been one of the top 3 language schools in the Netherlands and Rotterdam for many years. This year, Hamrah ranks number 1 among the 314 certified language schools, with a score of 9.8 and 4 stars.

Hamrah is certified by Blik op het Werk, NRTO, and PSO30+, Dutch quality marks that represent quality and professionalism.

Our teachers are certified and have extensive experience. We offer lessons at various levels, from beginners to advanced, both online and at our location in the center of Rotterdam. Whether you want to learn in a group, receive individual lessons, or work on a specific skill such as writing or speaking, contact us. Together, we will discuss your wishes and needs and create a plan for you.

With us, you will learn in small groups with lots of personal attention. Furthermore, you can practice your speaking skills weekly with our language volunteers to improve your fluency.

As our student, you will receive new exercises every month at all levels. We believe that practice is the key to learning a language.

You will notice that our lessons are interactive and dynamic, allowing you to make progress quickly. Our methods are based on communicative skills, enabling you to speak, understand, and respond in Dutch in no time.

We organize cultural activities to enrich your immersion in the Dutch language and culture. Think of excursions to museums, walking tours through historical neighborhoods, and more. This way, you get a complete experience that goes beyond just learning the language.

Enroll at Hamrah today and discover the many benefits our language school has to offer.


We offer integration courses for voluntary integration. You can also integrate on a voluntary basis. This means that there is no obligation but you want to integrate anyway. For instance in order to naturalise or apply for a stronger residence permit.