Rotterdam Expat Centre is now Rotterdam International Center. We have moved into a new office in the Groot Handelsgebouw read more

The Rotterdam International Center (formerly Rotterdam Expat Centre) offers a set of services:

  • Provide your biometric information, pick up your residence permit or hand in your residence permit (IND in house from Monday to Thursday);
  • First registration to obtain your BSN and get registered in the municipal database (Municipality of Rotterdam in house from Monday to Thursday);
  • Open a bank account with ABN Amro (in house on Monday and Thursday);
  • One stop shop where you can combine the appointments mentioned above at once;
  • Consultation appointment for general information for expats and businesses.

Please call us or send an e-mail to to schedule the consultation appointment.


It is not possible to schedule the following appointments at Rotterdam International Center. They need to be scheduled at the municipality of Rotterdam (+31 (0)10-2671625):

  • Short term registration;
  • Deregistration;
  • Report change of address;
  • Hand in missing documents such as birth or marriage certificates;
  • Apply for a residence permit.