As of May 1, Rotterdam Expat Center will move to a new office in the Groot Handelsgebouw and then also changes name to Rotterdam International Center – read more

What are the fees of the Rotterdam Expat Centre?

The fees at the Rotterdam Expat Centre are as follows:

* Highly skilled migrant, European Blue Card recipient, Intra Corporate Transferees (ICT), Scientific researcher, Recent graduate (Orientation year student), Entrepreneur, EU citizens that receive the 30% ruling.
** If the main person brings their family members to the Rotterdam Expat Centre within one year, they can make use of a reduced fee. The rate stays the same for child 2 and beyond.
*** Any necessary follow-up appointments within one immigration case with the IND are not subject to payment (e.g. someone that is not subject to the MVV requirement and has to provide biometrics with us will not have to pay again in order to collect their residence permit card). This does not include extensions.