What are the Covid-19 measures in The Netherlands?

The Dutch government is slowly reducing the amount of restrictive measures with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic. Starting June 26th, practically all of Dutch society will re-open, with only the basic prevention rules applying. These are;

  • Keeping 1,5 meters distance from others
  • Washing your hands often
  • If you show symptoms, get tested

Personal protection equipment will only remain mandatory in public transport, the facilities surrounding public transport such as stations, airports and aircraft, taxis, touringcars and ferries, and secondary education facitilies.

There is no longer a restriction on the amount of visitors you are advised to maximally allow to visit your residence. The advice to ‘work from home, unless absolutely impossible’ will be eased to mean you can work on-site for 50% of office hours in agreement with your manager. You are still advised to travel outside of rush hour as much as possible when traveling to the office.

For the most recent information on all measures, as well as key figures, please visit the National Corona Dashboard (English)