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How can I get a proof of vaccination if I got vaccinated abroad?

If you have been vaccinated in a non-EU country then you can convert your foreign proof of vaccination to a Dutch certificate which you can upload to the CoronaCheck app (the Dutch Digital Corona Certificate (DCC)). Note that both your jabs need to be done using a vaccine that has been authorised by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), otherwise you cannot receive a DCC in the CoronaCheck app.

I have received one vaccination abroad and want to get my second jab:
If you have received your first jab abroad, you have the possibility to schedule your second jab in the Netherlands. You can fill in the following online form, after which you will receive an invitation to schedule an appointment from the Dutch Health Authorities.

I have received both my jabs, or have otherwise been fully vaccinated, abroad and want a Dutch proof of vaccination certificate:
If you have received both jabs of an EMA-approved vaccine, or one in the case of the Janssen, abroad and want to convert your foreign proof into a Dutch certificate, you can do so by scheduling an appointment to go to Utrecht and convert your certificate which you can then upload to the CoronaCheck app to receive a QR code.

You can call the following number to schedule an appointment: +31 (0)30 800 2899
Visit this page for more information on the conversion process and conditions for conversion. (English)