Rotterdam Expat Centre is now Rotterdam International Center. We have moved into a new office in the Groot Handelsgebouw read more


Expat and new to the city of Rotterdam? Looking to connect with fellow expats, families and  local communities? Join our online Expat Café, which takes place every last Thursday of the month.

During the monthly Expat Café get togethers, Rotterdam International Center (formerly Rotterdam Expat Centre) Centre and Rotterdam Venture Café together with partners within the city would like to help you make valuable connections and to feel at home in your new city. We will tell you more about the city and activities you and your family may be interested in. Every Expat Café meeting, one fellow expat will share his or her journey of coming to, and living in Rotterdam. We hope and trust these personal stories will inspire you

Networking will be an integral and important element of our Expat Café events, which will start at 16:30 hours. You’ll be able to meet and talk to fellow expats and get to know communities. Rotterdam International Center will be available at one of the online info tables. We’ll be happy to meet you and answer any questions you may have. For this, we will use a tool called Remo. Read more about this tool here.

Finally, every Expat Café event a different expert will host an information workshop about a specific, relevant topic for internationals. Please find the full overview below:


15.45 – 16.00 Log in to social network space


16.00 -16.30 Start plenary session
Learn more about your hometown Rotterdam and what activities you still can do in times of social distancing. This Expat Café edition we’ll have a Panel Discussion with 3 expats who will share their stories. This month Sterling Schuyler (USA), Saaiqa Merali (Tanzania) and Rubayet Akbar (India) will talk about their experiences living in Rotterdam and how they made Rotterdam their home.

16.30 Networking with fellow expats and local communities.
This months following organisation will be present: International Women Networking Group and Female Ventures

16:30–17:30 Break Out: Tax Workshop – Pryme Mobility
When you start to live or work in the Netherlands, you will start to contribute to the Dutch tax system. But which taxes and which tax facilities apply to your situation? This workshop will give you a good overview of the taxes you may have to pay. You will also get more information about the 30% tax ruling.