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International Welcome Event for expats

Rotterdam, the gateway to Europe. International city with a distinct character, energetic, always in motion, eyes on the future. Dynamic port city, where a vibrant mix of 170+ nationalities and many cultures, subcultures and communities make for a diverse, inclusive and open urban culture.

It’s no wonder that more and more international companies and expats settle and build their future in Rotterdam. Yesterday we welcomed 113 expats at the International Welcome Event for expats at Rotterdam Expat Centre in the Schielandhuis. We provided all new arrivals with practical information and introduced them to expats who already know their way in Rotterdam.

Thank you to Catriona Rush for a mini Dutch Culture workshop, to Simonas Baltenis for sharing your expat story with all new arrivals, and doctor Thao Nguyen from the IHCR (International Health Center Rotterdam) for the workshop about the Dutch health system.

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If you are interested in finding out more about what the city of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Expat Centre have to offer you, please feel free to contact us.