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Registration BSN or registration BSN & IND

Registration appointment Rotterdam Expat Centre


Thank you for scheduling an appointment with the Rotterdam Expat Centre for registration in the Municiple Records Database (BRP) in order to get your BSN.

You will need to prepare some documentation prior to your appointment in order for the appointment to succeed. You can find more information on the documents you need to bring depending on your situation below:

Required documents for the IND appointment

  • Valid passport
  • In case of an extension bring your old residence card

Required documents for registration in the Municipal Records Database (first registration)

  • Valid passport
  • Filled in first registration form1
  • Proof of address registration (rental contract)2
  • Original birth certificate in Dutch or English, legalised or with apostille (also possible to hand in up to 6 months after the appointment). Find more information here
  • If applicable: original marriage certificate/divorce decrees, legalised or with apostille (also possible to hand in up to 6 months after the appointment). Find more information here

Please click here to download the documents and fill the required ones in. Note that they can be found in the downloads folder on your PC. You must bring the filled in and printed version of the required forms to the appointment.

1The first registration form needs to be filled in by each person before the appointment. Both the Rotterdam and Schiedam versions of the form are included, please fill in the appropriate one depending on where you are going to live.

2If you rent a house:
The rental contract or tenancy agreement needs to be filled in and signed by the landlord before the appointment.

If you share a house with someone:
a declaration by main occupant and the following is needed:

  • The form filled in and signed by the person giving you permission to register on his/her address.
  • A copy of the passport or ID of the owner.
  • The tenancy agreement (verhuurdersverklaring) of the owner with your name included.
  • If the consent giver does not live on the same address, then proof of ownership of him/her is needed.

 If you stay in a hotel (hostel or Airbnb):
you need a permission statement by the hotel manager including your full name and stating that you are allowed to register on the hotel address. This document needs to be signed and stamped by the manager. Please note that the confirmation of a hotel reservation
is not sufficient.

! Please be aware that rental contracts/tenancy agreements with dates in the future or older than three months will not be accepted,  and that a housing permit is needed to live in certain neighbourhoods in Rotterdam (HVV). Check your postal code here.

Should you have any questions, take a look at our page about long term municipal registration or contact us via the contact details below.