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If you are an Orientation Year Student, and you want to pick up your Orientation Year Visa (Highly skilled migrant visa does not count) then choose the Orientation Year Student option in our appointment module. Please consult this webpage to determine which documents are needed during these appointments. Prepare the necessary documentation prior to the appointment. Remember that it is the personal responsibility of the individual in question to bring all documents printed and filled out in their entirety.

Required documents for your appointment

Thank you for scheduling an IND appointment with the Rotterdam Expat Centre. For your upcoming appointment you will just need to bring the following:

  • Valid passport
  • if it is an extension you have to bring your old residence card

This applies to all types of appointments: the collection of the residence permit, providing biometrics, and providing biometrics in combination with the issuing of a residence endorsement (VA) sticker.

Should you have any questions on your appointment feel free to contact us via the contact details below.

NB for EU nationals and applicants following the verification against EU law procedure

Due to a policy change at the IND, it is no longer possible for EU nationals and their partners to provide biometrics, collect the residence permit or a residence endorsement sticker at the Rotterdam Expat Centre if they have applied for the verification against EU law procedure.

Please follow the instructions in the letter you received or will receive from the IND to schedule an appointment at an IND desk. Any appointments scheduled by people following this procedure will be cancelled by the employees from the IND.

It is still possible to register at the Rotterdam Expat Centre if you are an EU national or their dependent if the EU national receives the 30% ruling and they have an address in Rotterdam or Schiedam. Please schedule an appointment via the following page: