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IND appointment

Please scroll down for the appointment calendar. On this page you only can make three kinds of IND appointments: Providing biometrics + VA sticker, Providing biometrics and Picking up residence permit.

If you want a registration appointment or a registration and IND appointment, then go to this page


The one stop shop is only available for:

  • Highly skilled migrants (more info)
  • Intra Corporate Transferees (ICT) (more info)
  • Scientific researchers (more info)
  • Recent graduates (Orientation year students) (more info)
  • Entrepreneurs (more info)
  • All EU citizens that receive the 30% ruling
  • Family members of those that fall under any of the previously mentioned categories (more info)

Note: For biometrics appointments at the Rotterdam Expat Centre, please take note that you must live or work in the Greater Rotterdam area. If you do not live in this area, please refer to your local international centre or IND desk for an appointment. Your appointment can be cancelled if you do not live in the service area of the Rotterdam Expat Centre for biometrics.

You can still collect your residence permit from our office, but only if you have received notice from the IND that it has been sent to the Rotterdam Expat Centre, even if you live outside of the Greater Rotterdam area.


V-number is needed

As soon as your application at IND is approved, you will receive a confirmation letter from the IND. In this letter you will find your V-number. The V-number is needed to book your appointment with Rotterdam Expat Centre.

*If you come to collect your residence card please check whether the card has been sent to the Rotterdam Expat Centre or another location/city.


Make IND appointment: